Thank you for your interest in applying to the Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology. Admissions is now closed. Our Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology received the maximum (7-year) accreditation from the American Psychological Association in 2014.
We anticipate admitting approximately six students for the 2019-2020 academic year. Students will be admitted into the program with a specific research mentor. Applicants are encouraged to contact potential research mentors for additional information and to express interest.

Successful applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university with a substantial academic background in psychology. To identify applicants who are a good fit with the Program's resources and mission, applications are
evaluated along a variety of dimensions, including:
  • academic background and preparation (courses taken, undergraduate and graduate grade point averages),
  • clinical interests and experience,
  • research interests and experience,
  • personal statement, responses to application questions,
  • letters of recommendation, and GRE scores.
Equally important are personal attributes that are compatible for graduate training in clinical psychology. Successful applicants typically have strong academic credentials, clinical and research experience, and personal characteristics conducive to successful clinical training experiences and the development of professional competence.

To Submit An Application

Detailed instructions are available here. To submit an application to the Virginia Consortium please follow these directions carefully. These instructions supersede any other directions you may find. Unfortunately, sometimes previous instructions may stay in cache locations that the Program has no way of monitoring or correcting. If you have any questions about the application process or are unsure, please e-mail us.

Admission for academic year
2019-2020 is now CLOSED!

To submit an application for admission to the Virginia Consortium you must complete ALL the following steps:
  1. Submit an application to Old Dominion University, this includes a general application for graduate admission and a supplemental application specific to the Virginia Consortium. BOTH components are required for a complete application. The supplemental application includes instructions for submitting a personal statement and other short essay responses. Submit your ODU application here.
  2. Submit an unofficial transcript with coursework completed and grades achieved (you will be directed to do this after completing step 1 above.
  3. Submit Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test taken within past 5 years; subject test is not required.
  4. Submit a current curriculum vita (CV).
  5. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation
Interviews and Offers of Admission
An in-person interview is required for admission. Selected applicants will be notified of their invitation to interview by the second week of January. Interview dates are Friday, January 25 and Friday, February 1, 2019 on the Old Dominion University campus in Norfolk, VA. These are the only days on which interviews will be held. If you are strongly considering the Virginia Consortium we encourage you to mark our interview dates on your calendar now and reserve these dates in the event you are invited to interview.

We will make offers of admission as soon as feasible following the interview dates. We follow the CUDCP policy for Graduate School Offers and Acceptances.
Tuition/Financial Aid

The Program offers numerous scholarships and assistantships to reduce tuition and provide important experiences for students. Presently, all students receive a tuition reduction either through scholarships or assistantships to $6,000 per year. We expect to continue to offer similar reductions for the foreseeable future.

For students admitted in fall 2019 the Program expects to fund six students with graduate assistantships. These assistantships include a stipend and a full or partial tuition scholarship. Several multi-year awards are expected. Applicants will receive detailed information about their funding package at the time of admission.

Financial Aid

See for information about the financial aid process. VCP may offer teaching or research assistantships that provide stipends and tuition reductions; information about these will typically be made at the time of the admission offer. Students may also compete for university scholarships and assistantships. Typically, these will not be confirmed prior to accepting an offer, since offers of admission must be made by April 1, and accepted or declined by April 15. Thus, an applicant may need to be prepared to accept admission while a decision about a competitive award is still pending. Those who apply for student loans should include Old Dominion University [003728] on their FAFSA lists.

For a breakdown of expenses for a single, first year student, see the sample student budget below.

Tuition Budget Example: for 1st year, single student
Per calendar year (3 semesters) In-state or Out-of-state
Adjusted annual tuition $6,000
Itemized expense estimates
Medical Insurance (required) $1,400
Books/Materials $1,200
Room $10,800
Board $7,800
Travel/Transportation $2,240
Miscellaneous* $2,600
Subtotal-Single Student $32,040
Less stipend **

* Normal personal and recreational uses
**Assistantships typically provide a tuition reduction amounts of which vary by source. Currently, stipends range between $7,500 and $18,000/year.

Policy on Self Disclosure

Both personal and professional factors contribute to one's ability to conduct effective psychotherapy and provide a range of clinical services. Clinical psychology students are therefore encouraged to be open to personal insights that might affect their clinical performance. Courses and clinical training experiences are intended to facilitate self-reflection and self-awareness. In addition, personal psychotherapy may be a highly beneficial experience toward accomplishing this aim for those who choose it.

Students and applicants should be informed that the Virginia Consortium Program complies with the American Psychological Association (APA, 2002) ethics code 7.04 (Student Disclosure of Personal Information). Accordingly, students may be invited and expected to disclose personal information, if such information is deemed relevant to their performance in coursework, training-related activities and/or to their professional development. Students may be required to disclose personal information, if such information is deemed necessary for evaluation, or for obtaining assistance, if personal problems could reasonably be judged to interfere with the performance of training related activities in a competent manner.

The sharing of personal information can be a part of fostering professional growth in students. However, providing personal information may also be necessary for assuring professional standards of practice and client welfare. Students or applicants who have questions regarding this policy are encouraged to contact the Director of Clinical Training of the Virginia Consortium Program.