"One who says it cannot be done, overlooks the one doing it."  ~  Chinese proverb

THE ONE: The Virginia Consortium Program

Offered jointly by:

Old Dominion University
Norfolk State University and
Eastern Virginia Medical School


The Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology
is one unified program offered jointly by three institutions.
One transcript is maintained; one degree and diploma are awarded.

The Virginia Consortium has been accredited as a Clinical Psychology Psy.D. degree program since 1982. The program has now changed its degree model to a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. The Ph.D. program has been reviewed by the American Psychological Association, and a site visit conducted in November 2013. A decision about the program's accreditation will be made by APA during its next regularly scheduled meeting this spring.


American Psychological Association - Since 1982 as a Psy.D. program;
our Ph.D. program is currently under review.






4 + 1 (calendar years)
Comprehensive exams: Required
Dissertation: Required
Internship: Required
Faculty: 15 teaching; 11  contributing
Supervisors: 60+
Class size:


Student profile: Mean age, 29; age range, 22 to 39 years
Entered with a master's degree: 25%
Minorities: 36.6%; Women: 78%

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