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Classroom Presentations

Our department can help with certain Virginia Science SOLs. 
To arrange a presentation, please contact Toni Cawley at tcawley@odu.edu or (757) 683-4943.

Diatom Lavender Asterionella

Art In Science

Here we provide a web-based set of supplementary class notes and assessment quizzes for ocean and earth science students doing introductory oceanography. The content is designed for mid to upper level high school and introductory college students.

Graduate Student, Meredith Mcpherson

Careers in Marine Science

The presentation is geared towards high-school level students that are interested in the marine sciences and can be modified to suit the needs of individual teachers.

Lesson 1
Lesson 2


Dylan the Diatom, an Arctic phytoplankton

A Collaboration between OEAS's Bio-Optical Research group and the Applied Physics Library at the University of Washington.

 Humphrey the Whale Presentation

OEAS Whale "Humphrey"

Students and teachers can walk inside this 55-ft inflatable whale. The department can come to your school and inflate our friendly whale for an exciting look at whale anatomy and much more!!!! A large gymnasium or classroom is required for set up.

R/V Fay Slover - Interactive Cruise

An interactive exercise for the students to explore our department's research vessel.