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Careers in Oceanography

National Sea Grant  

Here is Sea Grant's list of resources about careers in oceanography and related fields.  What do oceanographers do?  How much money do they make?  What subjects should I study to become one?  All this--and much, much more! 


Earthworks is a world leading portal of job and career opportunities for oceanographers, marine scientists, space and planetary scientists, archaeologists and anthropologists, geographers, Remote Sensing/GIS specialists, geoscientists, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, water resource professionals, remediation/contaminated land specialists, geotechnical engineers, environmental scientists, ecologists, conservationists, forestry/agricultural scientists.

Scientifically Speaking

From graduate school to retirement, giving presentations is part of the fabric of scientific life. In the course of that life, scientists generally progress from "entrance" poster presentations, to short oral presentations, to longer invited lectures.  This booklet, first published in 1995 by The Oceanography Society, was updated and revised in 2005. It is intended to improve the flow of information among scientists by providing advice and observations on preparing and delivering a scientific talk.

See also a compilation of resource sites at The University of South Florida and career and information about graduate education opportunities at ASLO.